Application Guidelines

  1. To apply to the STARS4SD Awards, please begin by creating an account for free at the STARS4SD Network. To complete your registration, you will have to customise your profile by adding information regarding your company, such as:
      • Name of company
      • Headquarters address
      • Country
      • Establishment year
      • Contact information
      • Website
      • Social media
      • What you do
      • Your Mission
      • Your SDG Commitment
  1. After creating your profile, test your business practices regarding five out of the total seventeen SDGs of the 2030 Agenda of the United Nations on which the Stars4SD project focuses. These are quality education, gender equality, decent work and economic growth, reduced inequalities, and responsible consumption and production. You can undertake the self-assessment questionnaire here.
  2. Please also share videos or links to social media feeds, articles, public recognition or public comments that confirm your success stories on achieving the SDGs (optional). You can create and upload on the STARS4SD Network your own video as well (up to five minutes), in which you will present how you align the SDGs with your business practices (optional).
  3. Talk about your success stories at the STARS4SD Network’s forum and exchange best practices and ideas with other entrepreneurs. You can also share any challenges or concerns regarding the implementation of the five SDGs in your company in order to receive feedback.

Note: Applicants may edit their applications by 28/06/2023. Applicants may also submit documentation in English, German, Greek or Italian.

Assessment criteria

All applications will be assessed on the following criteria:

      • The score they have on the self-assessment questionnaire
      • Evidence and supporting content regarding the implementation of the five SDGs
      • A panel of 5 business professionals. Meet the judges here.

Note: All applications will be reviewed by the STARS4SD project partners before being submitted to the Judges.