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    How does your business align with specific Sustainable Development Goals

    Zen Haven Wellness

    At Zen Haven Wellness, we continuously strive to optimize our contributions to Sustainable Development Goals 3 (Good Health and Well-being) and 5 (Gender Equality).

    We are committed to expanding our wellness services to address evolving health needs and ensuring a gender-inclusive and supportive environment within our center.

    Urban Glide


    Urban Glide Hub is committed to Sustainable Development Goals 8 (Decent Work and Economic Growth) and 10 (Reduced Inequalities).

    We are continuously improving our smart mobility solutions to create more economic opportunities in the urban transport sector and reduce inequalities in access to efficient and eco-friendly transportation options within cities.


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    We are continually working to support local artisans and businesses, ensuring that our platform promotes economic growth while maintaining a focus on responsible consumption and production practices.


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    We are focused on continuous improvement by refining our civic tech solutions to enhance economic opportunities and reduce inequalities through transparent and efficient communication between citizens and local authorities.

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    LEARNIFY aligns with SDGs: 4-Quality Education and 8-Decent Work and Economic Growth.

    We continuously optimize our educational technology initiatives to provide even more accessible and quality learning opportunities for all.

    Additionally, we remain dedicated to supporting the professional development of educators to contribute to inclusive education.

    We are an edtech company that focuses on providing online courses, tutoring, or educational resources for students of all ages.

    LEARNIFY is on a mission to make quality education accessible to all.

    Through innovative edtech solutions, our goal is to provide personalized learning experiences, support educators, and empower students to thrive in a rapidly evolving educational landscape.

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