Self-Assessment Tool

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The number of stars awarded corresponds to a certain level which you are considered to have reached. In total, there are five levels:


1. Baseline Level (one star)

This level corresponds to the mainstream sustainable business of today. It follows the law and what is necessary, and it may take ad hoc sustainable opportunities provided, but it does not have policies in place addressing issues related to the five SDGs.


2. Roadmap Level (two stars)

This level corresponds to a responsive business that is creating the framework responding to market trends and norms by adopting a basic framework for the future development of its sustainability strategy.


3. Enlightened Level (three stars)

This level corresponds to a business with a developed sustainable framework and strategy in-house that fits a forward-thinking business about developing sustainably and motivating resources to achieve its sustainability goals.


4. Best Practice Level (four stars)  

This level corresponds to the top of the sustainability requirements and is awarded to businesses with clear sustainable goals, motivated leadership and adequate resources to achieve their sustainability potential. This business is in the top 5th  percentile of sustainability that all companies should strive to become.


5. Global Example Level (five stars)

This level corresponds to businesses at the forefront of sustainable innovation by moving beyond conventional understanding and expectations of sustainability to adopt new innovative practices far beyond what would be expected by a conventional business in addressing the challenges of the five SDGs. These businesses lay the sustainable path forward by testing creative and disruptive ideas within their own businesses vis-à-vis radical structure, ownership, distribution, engagement, responsibility and accountability.


Click here: Self-Assessment Tool